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Customer Testimonials

"In all the years of selling products at my pro shop that are aimed at odor control, no one had really ever commented whether or not they were good or not, until I started selling Gear Wash.

Very satisfied customers!" 


Fred Eisenstein (Fred's Pro Shop)

"I do want to let you know that I received my order quickly and promptly washed all my son's hockey gear... then I waited for the smell to return. Previously, I have washed his gear in different detergents, soaked it in vinegar, coated in baking soda, scrubbed with rubbing alcohol, sprayed down with febreeze - and none of these hassles really changed the foul smell for more than a day. To my amazement, it took about 6 weeks for his gloves to even start to stink! I probably could have even waited a week or two for all the gear to get really offensive, but why wait when your Gear Wash is so quick and easy! It works great on all those smelly tennis shoes, too! THANK YOU!!!

I came across your website while searching for how to clean hockey gear. I think I had spend a couple of days reading all kinds of suggestions on how to clean gear or wear to send it to have it professionally cleaned. Eventually, I can across your site and you were the only one actually selling a cleaner. Your company needs to log on to the many, many, many forums and chat rooms out there and answer all those smelly gear questions.

Thanks for getting rid of the smells in my house!"


Christy Suleyman

"I am just now thinking we need to really has held off!! And, you have to consider that he plays two teams...that's hockey everyday, some days twice a day, sometimes 2-3 hours at a time!

I am recommending to the other hockey mom's and dad's.

Thank you!"


Julie Cooke

"I would/am highly recommending this to all the hockey moms that I know. It is amazing how well it gets rid of the smell.

Coach, thanks for telling me about it."


Red Sox Mom

"I just want to thank you for hooking me up with the laundry clean system! I am a dentist and our scrubs get contaminated by working in people's mouths all day. I have looked all over the internet and can find no detergent other than yours that will disinfect the scrubs in our new high efficiency machine. The scrubs come out looking new, as we can even wash them in cold on delicate! Again, thanks so much for your great product. Next I am going to try them on my soccer gear and moldy towels!"


Michelle, Cincinnati, OH

"Thanks, I tried it in my HE washer and I used less and it worked less well. I'll go back to the regular amount. Your product is the only thing that works on my hockey equipment."


Paul H.

"I wanted to let you know that you can add roller derby to the list of sporting equipment. I started playing RD recently and found that my pads get just as stinky as my hockey gear did. I tried the Clean Gear and it worked great! I'm ordering more today! Thanks again for this great product!"


Veronica L.

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Hockey Gear Odor
Hockey equipment and lacrosse gear will smell after a few weeks of use.  Clean gear by washing it with Gear Wash laundry detergent when the smell or odor is present.  Effective...
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