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Gear Wash Laundry Detergent - Each
Gear Wash Laundry Detergent will give you one 10lb full wash. Wash sports equipment, uniforms, clothing, scrubs, gowns, sheets, boat tarps, patio cushions etc.... Last up to 12 weeks with no odor!
Price: $9.99
Hand Sanitizer
Alcohol-Free TCG Foaming Hand Sanitizer will help with stinky hockey hands. Put it on before you play and you will notice the difference. Kills MRSA and won't remove skins oils which is one of our bodies natural defenses against bacteria. 99.999% effective
Price: $4.95
A to Z Guide to Hockey Terms
The only pocket size hockey book of its kind. Aimed at young aspiring hockey players, parents and players who don’t think they know it all. A great gift and a complete educational guide.
Price: $12.95
Coffee Cup Wrap - Hockey
Handcrafted Insulated Coffee Cup Wraps.
Price: $8.00
Coffee Cup Wrap - "Goal"
Handcrafted Insulated Coffee Cup Wrap
Price: $8.00