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Eliminate Odor On Sports Equipment & Apparel

Gear Wash Sports Equipment Cleaner is your solution to clean and effectively eliminate odor from your sports apparel and equipment. Wash hockey and lacrosse equipment, clean football gloves, and shoes, and much more. Gear Wash provides 100% odor control and helps prevent MRSA.

Gear Wash Odor Removal Products

Removes All Odors - 100% Guaranteed!

Removes all odors along with blood, and dirt with one simple wash in your home washing machine. Lab test show that one wash cleans and protects your hockey gear by placing a "ZONE" of inhibition that prevents microorganisms from growing. Proven best odor control reduction results. Gear Wash is less expensive, last longer and better than any other odor management system. Odor sprays and ozone machines can’t penetrate nor clean as well as washing with Gear Wash. Sports gear cleaning and shoe odor control is now at the professional level. Protect your "ZONE"

  • Wash Hockey Equipment
  • Clean Football Gloves
  • Deodorize Clothing & Gear
  • MRSA Prevention
  • Wash Lacrosse Equipment
  • Wash All Sports Apparel
  • Use in Your Washing Machine
  • Odor Removal & Elimination
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Clean Football Gloves, Wash Hockey Equipment, Sports Apparel Laundry Detergent
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Hockey Gear Odor
Hockey equipment and lacrosse gear will smell after a few weeks of use.  Clean gear by washing it with Gear Wash laundry detergent when the smell or odor is present.  Effective...
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